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Find out what energetic dysbalances and stressors affect your health

Our bodies are in contact with many different substances daily, from the food we eat, things we touch, particles we inhale etc. We are subjected to environmental toxins from EMF, chemicals, viruses, bacteria etc which may affect our health in different ways. Using the BICOM Body Check, find out what energetic dysbalances and stressors affect your health as well as food to take or avoid. Prioritisation of key areas provided in the evaluation report will greatly assist in the healing process using bioresonance therapy.

Duration 30-40min
Fees from $180

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Customised therapy for your health issues

Each therapy session is customised to your body's needs and includes energetic balancing, detoxification, elimination of allergies, strains and blockages through the BICOM device. Treatment for organs and meridians are also provided for constitutional support.

Duration 60-75min
Fees from $90

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Important note

Bioresonance therapy is not intended, implied, or stated to replace any conventional medical test or diagnostic procedure by medical practitioners; or prescribed medications and medical care through your physician or other healthcare professionals; or to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should seek immediate medical attention with a healthcare professional if you have, or suspect you might have a medical condition. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment. At no time can the bioresonance practitioner guarantee to resolve a current health concern or stipulate a time frame required for therapy.

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