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Piles – a real pain in the butt

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Dealing with piles (hemorrhoids) everyday is so challenging, even embarrassing to say the least. It is painful to sit down, painful to go to the toilet, and too painful if a surgery is needed to remove the piles. Sometimes it will go away after a while, but it is likely to return. For some people, this is a long term problem that never goes away. How can I get rid of piles?

Piles are blood vessels on the anus that become swollen, typically due to

  • straining too hard when passing stool

  • constipation

  • diarrhoea

  • lifting heavy objects

  • pregnancy and child birth

A low fibre diet, not drinking enough water daily, and lack of physical activity all contribute to the development of piles. With age, the likelihood of getting piles also increases, as the tissues lining the anus thins, affecting the ability to withstand pushing and straining. Finding blood in the stools is alarming.

You should definitely get started with:

  • increasing the amount of dietary fiber by eating plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread, and cereals

  • drinking enough water each day and monitoring that the urine is pale yellow or clear

  • engaging in regular physical activity which promotes the natural movement of the bowels

  • using the bathroom when necessary and not delaying for an unnecessary amount of time

If you have seen a doctor and have been prescribed medication, but the piles are still persistent, you may want to try bioresonance therapy to help. There may be some dysbalances or strains in your organ systems and meridians that cause the recurrence of piles. The bioresonance device reads your frequencies, passes them through the device and returns modified frequencies to you through electrodes that are placed on your body. It helps to boost healthy signals and remove unhealthy frequencies, bringing your internal organs back to balance and health. The therapy is relaxing and pain-free, come try it out and get rid of this annoying pain in the butt!

For more information, please contact Lynnette at 97282244 on Whatsapp/Telegram.

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