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Help! I have Eczema

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Rashes, dry, flaky, and broken skin from scratching.

Waves of intense itch especially at night causing poor sleep.

Fatigue, bad mood, anger and frustration.

Screaming, crying with stinging pain. Blood and skin everywhere.

If you are suffering from eczema, these would be painfully familiar experiences. Whether as an adult or child, this is something very difficult to bear and you wonder when and how you can be rid of it.

There could be many different eczema triggers and it is unique for each person. You may have tried many different creams or ointment externally, but eczema is really a manifestation of an internal problem. It may be due to certain foods, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. Genetic influence, psychological and emotional stress all add to the problem. Some substances cause blockages that prevent energy flow and cell communication, causing dis-ease. Other substances overload the detoxification organs, and they are no longer able to cope, hence it comes up on the skin. If you can identify the triggers and remove exposure to them, you will be able to bring down the eczema from the inside out.

For a start, these remedies may help to calm down your body and bring some relief:

  • Drink water through the day – water is essential for detoxification, digestion and metabolism as we all know, but how and what we drink is just as important. Spread the 2-3 litres out through the day rather than gulping down a large amount at one time. Drink filtered water to prevent harmful metals and chemicals from being ingested. Take less of other beverages, as the body needs to digest and process the contents, which will add load to the digestive system.

  • Moisturise – keeping the skin hydrated is important as some are more prone to dry, flaky skin, which will itch more. This needs to be done regularly, and especially after a shower or hand wash, as the skin tends to dry out after washing. If you have open wounds due to scratching or cracks in the skin, oil or oil-based creams will not sting, but they leave an oily, sticky feeling and the oil may go on your clothes and furniture. Once your skin is better, switch to a water-based moisturiser. Suu Balm is specially formulated to bring itch relief and is worth a try.

  • Cut down on sugars – we love sweets, cakes and desserts, but these tend to overload the digestive system which is already not coping well thereby having skin issues. Think about how much sweet stuff you are consuming each day in the food, drinks, snacks, even fruit! There are sugars in some foods that you may not even be aware of and they all add up. Artificial sweeteners are also not recommended. If you find it difficult to cut down all at once, gradually reduce your intake and be more conscious of what you are eating and set some limits each day.

You may want to consider bioresonance therapy – a steroid-free, non-invasive option that uses frequencies to help your body gain balance internally, eliminate the substances that strain your body, hence seeing improvement in your skin and health!

With a full body bioenergetic scan on the first session, you can find out what substances strain your body and what dysbalances are affecting your body functions. A recommended food list and food to avoid will be provided along with the scan report. Next, a customised therapy program is tested and given to you whilst you relax comfortably. The number of therapy sessions needed vary for each person as it depends on the strains and dysbalances you have and your response to therapy. The main aim is to get your body in balance so that you can self-heal. It is definitely possible with bioresonance. Come and get started on your journey to good health and good skin!

If you would like to find out more, please contact Lynnette at 97282244 through Whatsapp/Telegram.

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