Our clients share their bioresonance therapy experience with us.

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Female, 50s

My stomach got bloated easily and became worse as I aged. Other symptoms like backache, headache, breathlessness, cold palms and feet came along with this bloated stomach. I did a scope, took all sorts of supplements and went to western doctors and TCM (always came back with lots of medications). I felt better with medications given but the relief was short-lived. My stomach problems kept coming back and I had to restrict my diet (I could only take rice-based products). Exhausted and frustrated with all failed means to solve my tummy problem, I decided to try out bioresonance sessions with Lynnette. 

I went to Lynnette in March 2022 when I felt very uncomfortable due to my tummy issues. Surprisingly, I felt so much better just after my first session with her. I had a hearty lunch that day! Thereafter, I went to Lynnette once a week. After about 4 sessions, all my symptoms were completely gone! I could eat and drink all my favourite things (soya bean drink, dou hua, sake, sashimi, etc. ) to my heart's content without any restrictions. Lynnette is such a patient and sincere therapist! I have Lynnette to thank for my good state of gastro health.

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Female, 40s

Got to know Lynnette through a mutual friend and within a mere few months, my whole family has embraced Bioresonance as our go-to therapy to improve our health issues that were also accurately identified by the body scan. It has helped my 83 year old father with the effects of skin, Parkinsonism and dementia; my 79 year old mother with heart and circulatory issues; myself with hormonal regulation; my 13 year old son with gastro concerns; and my 15 year old daughter with gynaecological issues. All in all, we have found Lynnette to be truly patient and sincere in helping us. Thank you Lynnette!

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Lynnette is a patient therapist. On my first treatment, she took time to explain the various tests to be conducted and went through the body scan report with me so I am well informed before the Bioresonance treatment. Since then, I have been going to Lynnette for general wellness and she customised a program that's just for my needs. After my vaccination, Lynnette offered a personalised program to invert the potentially negative side effects, which I found to be greatly helpful. Thanks Lynnette for offering an alternative to Western/Chinese medication! I recommend those seeking natural therapy to give Bioresonance a try 👍

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Female, 50s

I was struggling with aches and pains for quite a while so I started therapy sessions with Lynnette. The pain could be on the lower back and then move up my neck to my head and into my bones. Sometimes I felt tingling sensations on my arms and other times spasms of pain going from the left of my body to the right. There was also this persistent pain on my elbows and knees. I tried all kinds of treatments from massages to acupuncture, visited various TCM doctors, tried all kinds of creams, 铁打油, ointments, and plasters of sorts but nothing could stop the pain.

Amazingly, after a few sessions of bioresonance, the pain on the elbows went away, the back no longer felt like it could just break anytime and the tingling and spasms stopped. Never would I have dreamt that these pains would go away. I thought I would have to endure this suffering for the rest of my life. Although these aches and pains may return, but at least I know that I can get better with bioresonance. I can also constantly monitor my health and set things right immediately when I don't feel good. I'm no longer stressed and worried not knowing who to turn to. Thank you Lynnette for this wonderful way to help us improve our health without the use of any painkillers nor drugs.

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Male, 50s

I am a stage 4 renal cancer patient and my left kidney was removed in mid 2018. However by end 2018, the tumour was found growing in the same area and metastasized to the lung area with many nodules. The oncologist started oral targeted therapy for me but after 6 months, the CT-scan showed the nodules and mass still increased in size. The oncologist decided to switch treatment to immunotherapy.

Since October 2020, I started bioresonance therapy with Good Salt once a week while continuing with immunotherapy. Lynnette was very patient and professional in handling the therapy. After three months of bioresonance, the CT-scan showed a remarkable reduction in my lung nodules and my left kidney tumour mass. I was so happy with the results which gave me hope of recovering from this disease. The oncologist scheduled me for CT-scan every three months and each time kept showing good results of reduction in size for all the nodules and the mass. The latest CT-scan showed that all the lung nodules reduced to negligible sizes and the kidney tumour mass size shrank by overall 40% in size. Furthermore, bioresonance has definitely helped me in reducing the side-effects of my immunotherapy. I feel energetic all the time and it helped me focus on my work and sleep well at night. It helped to balance my body. Thank you Good Salt.

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Female, 20s

I had really bad haemorrhoids for the past year that caused me to bleed whenever I had to go to the toilet. I tried everything such as changing my diets, western medication, fasting but the results only helped for a few weeks. The entire process with Lynnette was pleasant and it felt more like a nice conversation than a treatment. Thank you so so much for your help. I have finally been healed!

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Female, 40s

I had chronic hives for over 20 years. My body would itch all over whenever I got stressed or did not sleep enough, often on a daily basis. After years of suppressing the itch with antihistamines, I came to hear of bioresonance therapy, and decided to give it a try as I didn’t want to keep taking medication.

Lynnette put me at ease right away with her gentle manner. The whole process of taking the readings and inverting the signals was non-invasive and painless. I was somewhat sceptical that a treatment like this would have any effect, but with regular therapy, the hives started to decrease in frequency and it was much more bearable, so I didn’t always have to take antihistamines to control the itch. Many thanks to Lynnette for helping me with this problem!


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These are the experiences of individuals, your results may vary according to your body's response to therapy.


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